Thank you again for participating in the Proposition Life and/or The New Philanthropy program.   As a reminder, your donation was financed with a loan from Justice Trading and it is now time to settle that debt.

Proposition Life (PLI) is acting as Escrow Agent for Justice Trading Ltd.  As such, you are to make your payment to PLI and we will transmit the funds to Justice Trading.   

Here are the Payment Options:

 1)  Write a cheque payable to Proposition Life Inc and take it to your local Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) branch and perform a third party deposit to the PLI account.

Account Name: Proposition Life Inc

Account Number:  1178717

Transit Number: 01182

Branch Address: 3109 Wonderland Road South, LondonON, N6L 1R4

Branch Phone: 519-649-0660

2)   Interac eTransfer

Send to Proposition Life Inc

[email protected]

Interac is set up for direct deposit so a security question is not required from most banks.   Please make sure to indicate your full name in the remarks section.  If you are making multiple transfers, make sure you notify us of the total amount to expect. 

3)  You can use your Credit Card through our PayPal system below.  You will be required to enter your payment amount twice for security reasons.  Do not insert commas when entering the amount.

Please Enter Your Name
Enter the Amount of Payment

For those that would like to pay in installments, we have two options available.  Interest must be charged at the CRA prescribed interest rate:

3 equal monthly payments (add 1.25% to the total settlement price)
6 equal monthly payments (add 3.5% to the total settlement price)
In order to use one of the above options, in your portal, please select the preferable payment method and the price will change accordingly.

Please be aware that if you choose to pay in installments, the initial payment must be made by the October 31, 2023, deadline using a credit card, Interac, or a bank deposit as shown above. Subsequent payments should be made through post-dated cheques.

Please mail your cheques to:

Proposition Life Inc.

341 Talbot St

London, ON,  N6A 2R5